Binnenmaas municipality wind power action plan

Binnenmaas municipality wind power action plan

The province of South Holland has selected the Oude Maas site as a location for wind power generation. Two project developers have joined forces and offered to develop this site.


The province intends to hand permit granting competency over to the Binnenmaas municipality, provided they are willing to collaborate on the project. The municipal authority now has to decide how they want to handle the planning and involve the local area (stakeholders). Antea Group was asked to make an Action Plan. 


Decision-making on wind power has a major social impact. Antea Group has opted for a responsible process and customization in the area of communication and stakeholder participation, specifically a process that is timely, accurate, transparent, traceable, and realistic in terms of content. Content-related aspects were mapped out in collaboration with civil servants and administrators and further supplemented through consultations with the project developer and stakeholders. Two information sessions were organized to talk local residents through things such as the EIA, noise, landscape, and losses resulting from government decisions. Throughout this process, the central focus was on the worries, wishes, and questions of local residents.


The Action Plan was received and approved by the council committee, and submitted to the municipal council meeting for formal approval.  This specific approach has yielded an exceptional result on a matter that is the subject of emotional and lengthy decision-making procedures all over the Netherlands. And is proof for us that a tailored process-driven approach works!