Structural vision for Wieringermeer wind plan

Structural vision for Wieringermeer wind plan


"More power through fewer turbines in a more attractive landscape" is the challenge set by the ambitious Wieringermeer Wind Plan. Together with the association of wind turbine owners (Windkracht Wieringermeer), the municipality compiled the Wind Plan, aiming to boost wind power revenue by scaling up and restructuring the existing wind turbine stock. The municipality has pumped significant investment into project management, spatial planning, and communications. The municipality also wants to embed the challenge in a sustainable development framework, for instance by offering residents the opportunity to become stakeholders. The idea is to have a structural vision that serves as a basis for this.


Working closely with local and provincial authorities, Antea Group has come up with the structural vision for the Wieringermeer Wind Plan. Distilling the essence from the results of all the preparatory studies and plans, including the environmental impact assessment, the habitat assessment, and the landscape assessment, the structural vision is compact and visually oriented. A key part of the task that Antea Group was set was to draft and work out a section on execution. The section Antea Group has produced lays down the required funding of additional expenditure not directly related to the project (but rather to social purposes) in the development plan.


Adopted by the local council, the structural vision for the Wieringermeer Wind Plan provides a compact and solid basis for further planning. On top of that, it lays the foundations for further elaboration of ambitions in the area of financial participation by residents.