Wind farm noise in Noordoostpolder municipality

Wind farm noise in Noordoostpolder municipality


In the Noordoostpolder municipality, one resident has been complaining about the noise produced by wind turbines for around fifteen years. Over those fifteen years, there has been a serious lack of clarity on how to interpret noise regulations, the reference level, and how much noise the turbines actually produce. The Council of State, a penalty procedure, advice by the objection commission, and parties ignoring advice have further clouded the issue. The municipal authority asked Antea Group for advice on how to proceed and to prepare a decision for the Municipal Executive.


Two Antea Group consultants specializing in permit procedures and noise issues studied the case and brought clarity to the issue for the municipality. Instead of a report listing the facts, they produced an interpretation of facts, based on which an action plan was drawn up and a proposal made for a decision by the Municipal Executive. Furthermore, Antea Group has advised the municipality to explore whether mediation could lead to a sustainable solution to this conflict.


The eventual decision by the Municipal Executive of the Noordoostpolder municipality was wholly as per Antea Group's proposal. Antea Group is currently studying the mediation options for this particular case.