BREEAM quality mark: green stars for buildings

Sustainable business starts at home. In fact, it starts with one's own premises. Having a sustainable building will help you get the most out of your sustainable business. But how well does a building perform in terms of sustainability and how is this demonstrated? The global BREEAM (Building Research Establishment Environmental Assessment Method) methodology provides a clear assessment. BREEAM is increasingly becoming the standard for sustainable buildings, and achievement of the quality mark adds value.

The methodology can be applied to new-build, existing buildings and area development. BREEAM provides a standard for sustainability and measures the level of performance of a building. A building is tested against a range of criteria, for example energy efficiency, the source of materials and the way in which the building is used. In other words, sustainability in the broadest sense of the word.

Exceeding legal requirements
All of the measures that arise from BREEAM-NL exceed legal requirements, which means that the client is free to decide whether or not to use BREEAM-NL.
Since all of the solutions chosen need to be proven in actuality and confirmed in writing, the client is assured of a high degree of certainty that the building will actually be sustainable. This is in contrast to other quality marks/calculation methodologies, which are often assessed on the basis of visual inspection and theoretical calculations. With BREEAM-NL, the client can rest assured that a sustainable building will be constructed, which will also contribute to a sustainable Netherlands.

In order to be able to apply BREEAM-NL fully and satisfactorily, it is important to start discussing BREEAM-NL during the initiation stage. At this early stage all options are still open, enabling the best possible score to be achieved in the most economical way possible.

Quickscan and beyond…
Antea Group is a certificated BREEAM-NL Expert for new-build and In Use, enabling us to act as expert/coordinator on behalf of the client and to collect, substantiate and submit for certification the required evidence. We can run a quickscan for the client to give a quick idea of the likely BREEAM score and potential areas for improvement. Following this first step, Antea Group can monitor the process all the way through to certification. The client decides how ambitious they wish to be.

More information
Please contact one of the BREEAM-NL Experts in the Construction Consultancy Group.