About us

About us

Antea Group: Understanding today. Improving tomorrow.

Antea Group is a consultancy and engineering firm that operates internationally. We have 3.100 staff working all over the world. Antea Group combines strategic thinking, multidisciplinary and technical expertise and pragmatic actions. This enables us to provide eff ective, sustainable solutions to the challenges our clients are facing. We have offices in Europe, North and South America, Africa and Asia. In partnering with the Inogen alliance of environmental consultancies, Antea Group has an almost worldwide presence.

Antea Group in the Netherlands

Under the name Oranjewoud, we expanded into a multifaceted, independent partner for both companies and government bodies. As Antea Group, we also apply this knowledge at a global level. By combining valuable knowledge with a pragmatic approach, we make solutions attainable and workable. Goal-oriented, with an eye for sustainability. In this way, we anticipate today’s questions and tomorrow’s answers. Just as we have been doing for over 65 years now. Full of pride and enjoyment.
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Sustainability, an essential subject that will ensure Antea Group's continuity in the years ahead. How? By striking a balance between the 'three Ps': Profit, People and Planet.
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Business lines

In the Netherlands, Antea Group has six business lines that, either together or alone, can contribute towards finding the best possible solution for the client. Our business lines:

  • Contracts & Permits
  • City & Climate
  • Infrastructure
  • Data & Contracting
  • Environment, Safety & Health
  • Building & Installations

Antea Group on the international stage

Antea Group operates worldwide, so clients from outside the Netherlands can also benefit from our expertise. Wherever you are in the world, from Colombia to France or India to the USA, we provide expertise, products and services that meet the specific requirements of each country or region.

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Business Code

Antea Group has adopted the following core values: enterprising, people-focused, evolutionary and characterful. These values determine how our firm and staff behave and interact with the environment and one another.

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