Company code


Antea Group wants to be at the forefront of the development and application of sustainable and integral solutions in our living environment. We play a responsible role by using our expertise to ensure a sustainable future, full of pride and enjoyment.

Shared Values

Antea Group operates based on four shared values: entrepreneurship, a focus on development, a focus on people, and character. These values determine how the organization and its employees approach and relate to one another and the environment.

Antea Group in society

Antea Group feels that it is its responsibility to provide society with high quality, sustainable solutions in a socially and economically responsible manner.

Antea Group is an advocate of fair competition and operates accordingly, as a trustworthy member of society: independent and with expert knowledge. Our organization seeks to contribute to the reputable name and image of the sector in which we operate. Naturally integrity is key in this respect.

Antea Group is a member of NLingenieurs, and endorses the Code of Conduct and Code of Ethics of the FIDIC (Fédération International des Ingénieurs Conseils).

Antea Group and clients

We develop business relationships with our clients that are characterized by solidarity, equality and openness. In short, true partnership. Integrity, transparency and professionalism are paramount in these relationships.

We ensure transparency in drawing up contractual arrangements between our clients and our organization. We make conscious decisions together with clients regarding the roles we will fulfill (such as joint initiator, consultant, director, designer, engineer, contract manager, implementer or manager).
Antea Group attaches great significance to independence and expertise when fulfilling contracts. In completing the tasks entrusted to it, Antea Group avoids conflicts of interest and getting sidetracked by incidental issues.

We look after the interests of our clients, fulfill contracts and decline any jobs for which we do not believe we possess the required expertise. We treat all confidential information from clients as just that: confidential.

We operate in accordance with our certified management systems in both our primary processes and supporting processes.

Our relations with our clients are based on accepted standards in the sectors in which we operate.

Antea Group and business partners

Our organization collaborates with business partners in various domains. The basic rules set out in this Code also comprise the basis for this collaboration. We value the principles of integrity, loyalty and transparency.

Antea Group and shareholders

Antea Group serves the financial interests of its shareholders by striving to provide a good return on their invested capital.

Antea Group and employees

Antea Group provides employees with a healthy, safe and challenging work environment in which they can perform while respecting each other.

Employees are personally responsible for developing their own knowledge and skills. Antea Group provides the freedom and support to fulfill these aspirations, provided this fits in with the corporate policy and people's personal abilities.

Antea Group is a knowledge organization. The sharing of knowledge and access to information are key to employee success.

Antea Group places the utmost importance on employee involvement. Management and staff use clear decision-making processes, effective communications and transparency of information.
Employee participation is a regular part of the company's internal consultative process.

Employees and Antea Group

All employees endorse the common corporate goals so they can work based on the shared values. They work in an open and honest way with one another and can be relied upon to honor agreements. They have a sense of responsibility, respect for the opinions of others and make decisions that fit in with corporate goals and strategy.

Management leads by example in complying with this company code and is tasked with creating an environment in which employees work as a team and can address one another about their behavior. Everyone is accountable in this respect, regardless of who they are.

Employees have critical minds and are cost-aware and creative. They behave openly towards one another, give feedback where appropriate and take personal responsibility for obtaining and providing information. Joint success is the overall goal. Mutual respect and a willingness to work as a team are paramount factors. Employees take responsibility for personal development and act accordingly.

Employees refrain from any activities that may harm the image or reputation of Antea Group. They behave in accordance with currently accepted standards of behavior. Unsolicited intimacy, racist comments, discriminatory behavior, verbal or physical aggression and sexual intimidation are not tolerated.

Compliance with the Company Code

Everyone has a responsibility to abide by this company code in a way that befits their role in the organization. This is part of the annual assessments and performance reviews.

There is a point of contact for integrity, where employees can discuss any issues related to compliance with this company code.

Antea Group has embedded the company code into its management systems. Compliance is monitored continuously, both on an individual and on a company level.