DBM Contract for 'Prettiest' Bridge near Muiden

DBM Contract for 'Prettiest' Bridge near Muiden


The large scale roadway expansion between 'Schiphol - Amsterdam - Almere' (SAA) is slated for the coming years. The province of Noord-Holland and the municipality of Muiden saw this as an opportunity to build a new bridge over the Vecht. Connecting this to the local road network will separate local traffic from through-traffic on the A1. For this reason, the bridge must link up with the new A1 and protect downtown Muiden from traffic. Requirements for the design: the "prettiest" bridge near Muiden, which must last at least one hundred years and additionally may serve as a structural bridge for the aqueduct to be built as part of the SAA project. Due to some sticking points in the design, the province called in Antea Group in December of 2010 to get the process up and running.


Antea Group has set up a Value Engineering study to examine what exactly is needed to arrive at a good design that all parties can get behind. Representatives from the Dutch Ministry of Infrastructure and the Environment, the province, the municipality, the Building Aesthetics committee and the district water board held a two-day brainstorming session for design alternatives. This resulted in agreements to lower the height of the bridge and move the primary dam. Moving the drainage canal saves two crossings and is therefore cheaper.


The study and the brainstorming sessions produced an amended DBM contract. In January of 2011, the procedure was kicked off. The design committee called upon architects to bring in their creativity and expertise: there were information meetings for architects, construction companies and engineering firms. In mid-October, the third and final summary of additional information and changes was given in the tender procedure and the final contract for the canal was added. The bridge is expected to be operational by late 2013.

As of January 1, 2014 Oranjewoud Engineering and Consultancy and Oranjewoud Realization have been renamed: Antea Group. This reference is a project carried out under the name of Oranjewoud Engineering and Consultancy and/or Oranjewoud Realization. Before January 1, 2014 From a legal standpoint, the companies did not change, only the registered name and trade name changed. This name change will not affect the validity of these and other existing references.