Dronten wind turbine policy

Dronten wind turbine policy


Ready availability of wind and space have made Dronten one of the Netherlands' go-to municipalities for wind power. Both the national government and private-sector parties have their eyes on Dronten's land as a site for large-scale wind power generation. And the national and provincial authorities have all the tools available to them to start planning work themselves. So how do you, as the local authority, make sure you stay in the driving seat? This is what the municipality of Dronten asked, as they were eager to stay in control of the spread of wind farms across their land. They also wanted to know how to make sure the people of Dronten would also be able to claim a slice of the wind power cake.


From March 2011, Antea Group deployed a policy officer, Johan van de Heijning, to Dronten. He translated the municipality's ambitions (such as integration into the landscape and involving citizens) into a wind turbine policy that has been adopted by the Council. With this wind turbine policy, Dronten is making it clear to other authorities, project developers, and citizens where and on what conditions it will allow new wind farms to be developed. And with this wind turbine policy in hand, Johan currently represents Dronten in the regional process for the development of large-scale wind power projects in the eastern and southern part of the province of Flevoland.


The wind turbine policy's spatial zoning section has meanwhile been copied by the National "Wind on Land" Structural Vision and the Schedule of Requirements for the Regional Wind Power Plan for Eastern & Southern Flevoland. Meanwhile, Johan, working on Dronten's behalf, is also involved in the ambitious Regional Plan, which specifies planning frameworks for the bottom-up development of large-scale wind farms. After all, the wind challenge is such a great and complex one that municipalities are unable to tackle it on their own.