ECC Zwolle on their way to asset management

ECC Zwolle on their way to asset management


The managers at the city of Zwolle's Expertise Center (ECC) faced a serious challenge: to optimize the entire management organization managing the public space and thereby achieve a 10% reduction in spending. With the help of Antea Group Asset Management, ECC proved up to the challenge.


Working with the client, Antea Group Asset Management broke down the change process required for professionalization and optimization into three steps:

  1. Outline the target situation for 2015 
    Employees and managers from across the entire management chain engaged in an interactive brainstorm on what the organization should be like in the future. The resulting concept was dominated by terms such as: "compact organization," "coordination and control," "complete management chain," "effective collaboration," "enjoying your work," and "supported by good systems and processes." Antea Group's Blue Diamond management philosophy was adopted, and the future staffing plan is based on that. Various working groups organized off-site sessions where they, together with Antea Group, worked on different scenarios for tackling the challenge.
  2. Measure and describe the current situation
    The second step in the process was to map out the current situation. It was measured based on the evolution in management. Where was ECC now with all its activities? Issues that were addressed included the products and services it offered, what ECC handled in-house and what it outsourced, how to involve residents in the management of physical assets, whether the quality of the public space was measured in any way, and whether there were integral policy documents and long-term programs. Etc.
  3. Identify steps that will lead to completion of the task at hand 
    Finally, the management team made a decision based on the scenarios submitted, and the implementation was laid down in a clear step-by-step plan.


The ECC is now ready to meet the challenge. The decision has been made. The required organizational format and improvements have been described. ECC will be working with managers who will oversee and direct the entire management process. Such aspects as integrality, a solid long-term program, and result reviews for the board are essential in this context. Advisers and employees will provide support wherever they can add value in the management chain. This will enable ECC Zwolle to meet the challenge of cutting spending by 10%, and redeploy its staff. The next step is a period of "evolving" toward the target situation. Antea Group Asset Management is on hand to help them with that as well.