Antea Group en Fryslân foar de wyn

Fryslan foar de wyn

Antea Group develops measurement instrument and effects matrix

Fryslân foar de Wyn is a joint initiative by three social organizations. Platform Duurzaam Fryslân (PDF, Sustainable Friesland Platform), Friese Milieu Federatie (FMF, Frisian Environment Federation), and Comité Hou Fryslân Mooi (CHFM, Keep Friesland Beautiful Committee) aim to come to a comprehensive, broadly supported assessment of how best to generate 530.5MW of wind power in the province of Friesland by 2020.


These three organizations represent the interests of people (local residents), planet (nature and the environment), and profit (wind turbine owners). The challenge is to build bridges (in society) between these potentially conflicting interests.


The Fryslân foar de Wyn process is made up of three phases. In the first phase, project developers were given the opportunity to submit their plans, which were assessed based on the criteria of public support, compensation, and stakeholder participation. Only plans that meet the criteria enter the second phase. This is when the people behind the plans get a chance to explain their plans to local residents. Antea Group organizes these regional meetings to ensure smooth discussions and make sure all the required information is obtained. The third phase consists in an assessment by the Advisory Committee, which advises the Steering Group at the scenario level. Antea Group provides support throughout this process and the committee's work.


Exclusively for Fryslân foar de Wyn, Antea Group developed a measurement instrument and effects matrix to enable analysis of the plans. In addition, Antea Group developed an online GIS application that lets the members of the Steering Group and the Advisory Committee extrapolate cumulative effects from the matrix.