Port of Rotterdam

Port of Rotterdam

Environmental impact assessment and spatial justification


A project developer in the field of wind power has asked us to take care of the environmental impact assessment and spatial justification for two sites in the Port of Rotterdam. The port area is a complex area where nature aspects are particularly important in any assessment, owing to its location on the North Sea shore and the hinterland, along with external safety, because of the many business activities in the area.


Our consultants know what's involved in developing a wind farm. We drew on our close ties with the Rotterdam Port Authority and the province in making a broadly supported environmental impact assessment. Drawing up the assessment involved intensive consultations between the Port Authority, South Holland provincial authorities, the project developer, and Antea Group consultants on the strategy to follow.

What initially looked like an ideal location for wind turbines turned out to require closer investigation with regard to external safety. The Maasvlakte site where the wind turbines were supposed to be erected is near large companies that are subject to the Dutch Major Accident Risk Decree (the "BRZO") due to their activities and storage of hazardous substances. We examined the effects the turbines would have on the risks of these companies. For the Maasmond location, we assessed the effect on the existing oil pipelines.  


The environmental impact assessment and spatial justification were conducted to all parties' full satisfaction, and applications for the appropriate permits have since been submitted.