Redevelopment of the Tilburg Station:

Redevelopment of the Tilburg Station: "Puzzling by the Square Foot"


Studies indicate that Tilburg's Central Station will be getting more passengers to handle over the coming decades. To accommodate this growth, ProRail wants to construct a fourth platform. This plan coincides with the construction of a passage beneath the station. With the construction of these new structures, Tilburg will have a station with a front and rear entrance and the platforms will become easily accessible via wide stairways, elevators and escalators. But what is the most efficient method of construction and how do you minimize the inconvenience on passengers and carriers? With a variant study and a preliminary design, Antea Group is closely involved in the preparation of this complex project.


Soil contamination, cables and pipes that need to be moved and limited space to build the structures: constructing a passage over forty yards wide is a considerable technical challenge. In addition to this, accessibility is also a key issue. The station cannot simply be shut down for a week. The most suitable construction variant pays a great deal of attention to the impact on accessibility. Antea Group investigated several construction and structural variants in its study. Aside from the technical component, the process for this was critical. ProRail, NS, the municipality, architect CePeZed, passengers' associations, the building manager: Antea Group held talks with all stakeholders to accommodate everyone's interests in the plans to the greatest extent possible.


The variant study and the preliminary design marked the initial steps towards the new station. Execution of the works is scheduled to start in 2013.


As of January 1, 2014 Oranjewoud Engineering and Consultancy and Oranjewoud Realization have been renamed: Antea Group. This reference is a project carried out under the name of Oranjewoud Engineering and Consultancy and/or Oranjewoud Realization. Before January 1, 2014 From a legal standpoint, the companies did not change, only the registered name and trade name changed. This name change will not affect the validity of these and other existing references.