A Substantial Plan that Links Up Haren

A Substantial Plan that Links Up Haren

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For years there have been plans to connect Oosterhaar with downtown Haren via a bicycle tunnel. But how do you breathe new life into a station zone and how do you ensure that the interests of inhabitant groups, interest groups and schools are accommodated in this plan? The municipality enlisted Antea Group to produce an urban development plan with broad support.


New developments in urban zones are more complex than ever before. Space is scarce, and stakes are high. In addition to technical knowledge of traffic, transportation, safety, water management and urban planning, these plans require broad support. For this reason, Antea Group scrutinized the process. In addition to several evening information sessions, interactive meetings were also held at which local residents, the business community and other interest groups got to actively contribute to fleshing out the plans. For instance, Antea Group organized a dilemma meeting to discuss the size of the Park & Ride zone, the form of a new high-rise apartment building and whether or not to move a monumental tree.


A new bicycle and pedestrian tunnel, residential construction, revamping the station forecourt and a new Park & Ride site; Haren's station zone is undergoing a major makeover. All of these developments have been compiled in an overall plan on which a decision will be made in mid-2011. The municipality of Haren hopes to start redeveloping the station zone in late 2012.

As of January 1, 2014 Oranjewoud Engineering and Consultancy and Oranjewoud Realization have been renamed: Antea Group. This reference is a project carried out under the name of Oranjewoud Engineering and Consultancy and/or Oranjewoud Realization. Before January 1, 2014 From a legal standpoint, the companies did not change, only the registered name and trade name changed. This name change will not affect the validity of these and other existing references.