Milieueffecten planMER Wind op Land Noord Holland goed beschreven

Accurate description of environmental impact of wind on land in North Holland

24 November 2014

The province of North Holland has the challenging task of enabling the generation of 685.5MW of wind power on land. The provincial authority wants to take this opportunity to restructure existing facilities (replacing outdated and solitary wind turbines with new line formations).

As part of the restructuring, Antea Group took care of the environmental impact assessment, which serves as the basis for an amended Provincial Spatial Structural Vision and Provincial Spatial Regulation. The new policy includes placement areas and guidelines for wind power (for instance, concerning their impact on the landscape).

After reviewing the environmental impact assessment, the EIA committee concluded that the assessment provides three clear alternatives (from the perspectives of the living environment, the landscape, and maximum power yields) and identified one preferred alternative. The Committee found that the environmental impact assessment provided a good description of the environmental impact. The EIA enabled the Provincial Council to fully factor environmental interests into their decision-making on the Wind on Land policy.

A decision on the Structural Vision and Regulation is expected at the end of this year.