Antea Group granted patent

Antea Group granted patent

29 April 2016

In January 2016, Octrooicentrum Nederland, or the Netherlands Patent Office, granted a patent for the Antea Group invention of the Open Air Line ESP.


The patent application for this invention was submitted towards the close of 2013, while the idea to capture particulate matter dates from 2009, arising from the conclusions of the Air Quality Innovation Program of the public works authority for the Netherlands (Rijkswaterstaat). Antea Group worked closely with the Electrical Energy Systems department of the Technical University of Eindhoven to develop the concept into the fully fledged Open Air Line ESP.

This system effectively captures outdoor particulate matter, and ultra-fine particles (10 to 300 nanometers) in particular. The system works using an electrostatic precipitation (ESP) process and has been developed to be installed in a continuous line above a noise barrier to keep ultra-fine particulate matter generated by traffic from getting through. This barrier protects residential areas behind the barriers from the particles that are the most harmful to health.

Antea Group’s own Bob Smulders is listed as the inventor.