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Dutch PM Rutte in tidal power boost in China

22 November 2013

On a trade mission to China on November 15 and 16, the Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte, who was accompanied by Minister for Foreign Trade and Development Cooperation Lilianne Ploumen, discussed collaboration between China and the Netherlands in the area of sustainable energy with his Chinese counterpart Li Keqiang.

Antea Group is partnering with Dutch and Chinese companies in assessing the feasibility of Dynamic Tidal Power. This is an energy dike many kilometers long (at least 30 kilometers) with a large number of turbines that together will be able to generate at least 5GW of power. Rutte highlighted this project as an example of successful collaboration between both countries.

Antea Group is one of a number of companies worldwide that are banging the drum for tidal power. The project in China is a good example of that. Closer to home, Antea Group is playing a leading role in the creation of the Grevelingendam Tidal Testing Center.

The Dutch government has decided to go ahead with the Brouwersdam Power Plant project, for which a market consultation has now been launched. Antea Group is regularly involved in vision building on the subject of hydropower. This is a prominent topic within the Water top sector, a joint initiative by the public and the private sector along with research centers.