Movable bridges

Antea Group, a leading specialist for the entire life cycle

Drawbridges, lift bridges or bascule bridges: The Netherlands has hundreds of movable bridges, the highest proportion in the world. Civil structures that require in-depth knowledge of design, safety and management. For all these needs, Antea Group has the specialists in-house. Together they offer added value throughout the entire life cycle of movable bridges.

Business Lines:


Whether it concerns a tender design, final design or execution design, clients find a team of specialists at Antea Group. For the supporting structure, as well as for the drive mechanism, safety and availability, Antea Group has the extensive knowledge to ensure you have the right design for your needs.


Reliability and availability are of great importance when it comes to a movable bridge. By including a RAMS analysis in various stages of the design process, the required performances can be demonstrated. In addition, these analyses are extremely suitable for gaining insight into the performance of existing systems and failure mechanisms. The RAMS analyses are also used to establish risk-driven maintenance plans. 

Machinery Directive

Since 1995, new movable bridges in the EU must satisfy the Machinery Directive. But also bridges that have been renovated must often meet this directive. Throughout the entire process of preliminary research and risk analysis to the establishment of a technical file, we can support you for both new and existing bridges. We obviously do all of this with the knowledge of the prevailing norms and guidelines, such as NEN 3140, NEN 6787 and ISO 12100:2010.

Structural safety

Due to new standards or a modified functionality, a recalculation of existing civil works is often necessary to guarantee the constructionstructural safety. We use our knowledge of dynamics, lifespan and standards to demonstrate the safety of bridges and their movable parts in such a way than any measures remain limited. 

Management and maintenance

Asset management, starts with assessing the current condition and lifespan of movable bridges. Bringing the existing asset base up to the desired level is the second step. Step three is the establishment of an asset policy based on ambitions: for now and for the future. How safe must a bridge be, what availability must it have? The answers form the starting point for focused investments in maintenance, renovation or replacement. Antea Group supports and advises managers throughout the entire process. 

Project management 

Are you planning to construct a bridge or renovate an existing bridge? Antea Group will take care of the support. From traditional project management to system-specific contract management, we have the knowledge of and the experience with the technology and the various contract forms in-house to successfully guide new construction and renovation projects. 

If you want to know more about the design, inspection and maintenance of movable bridges please contact one of our specialists.