Antea Group Insights

Antea Group Insights

Demonstrating compliance with safety laws and regulations is a growing challenge for every company, especially as the regulations become stricter and more demanding. Antea Group Insights (AGI) provides you with real-time information on compliance to safety regulations based on the progress and results of asset inspections.

What is Antea Group Insights?

Antea Group Insights is a geo-information-based system that tracks the progress and results of (required) inspections, therefore tracking compliance to relevant safety regulations. Your assets, each with a unique geographical location, form the core of the system. Every asset should be inspected and tested conform specific and often multiple requirements, on e.g. weekly, monthly or yearly basis.

We provide you with a system which connects each asset with relevant surveys based on the specific requirements for that asset. In the field, the surveyors inspect the assets using our inspection tool through a mobile device (e.g. tablet). The data collected by the surveyors is visualised in an interactive management dashboard through smart use of graphs and filters.

Why choose Antea Group Insights (AGI)?

  • AGI is fully configurable to meet your needs and can be based on any (mix of) legal, HSE and other requirements (e.g. PGS, NFPA 25 etc.) for any type of assets
  • Determine who does which inspections yourself - every surveyor and department may have different responsibilities
  • Minimal training is required due to user-friendly and intuitive design of the system
  • Data entry through mobile devices (both iOS and Android compatible)
  • Compliance reporting made easy through a visual and interactive dashboard (share a version of it with authorities if you want)
  • Data is presented real time (in case of available internet connection in the field)
  • Trend analysis, incl. historical data from your previous database is possible
  • Offline mode available (upload the results easily when you are connected to the internet)

Possible applications of Antea Group Insights (are not limited to):

  • Inspections of safety equipment at industrial sites conform NFPA 25
  • Tree health inspections in a municipality
  • Inspection of safety equipment and legal requirements at marshalling yards
  • Inspections for PGS installations/ equipment

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