Archeology and soil contamination

The soil in the site where you intend to build may be heavily polluted and require decontamination. The same polluted ground may also contain archeological remains that need to be preserved due to their significance in terms of the history of the area. This is a conflict of interests that is bound to cause delays and problems in implementing your plans. Or perhaps not?

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Practical solutions for complex projects

The combination of construction plans, soil decontamination and archeology often creates a complex situation. There is a conflict of interests, both in terms of legislation and regulations, and also in the field. Our experience with this kind of project shows that the identification of bottlenecks, involvement of archeologists with an environmental background and clear communication between all parties play an essential role.

Specialist team

All archeologists at Antea Group BV are appropriately trained and medically certified to work in polluted ground, where necessary using compressed air breathing apparatus. Several archeologists are also qualified in environmental management, being certified to BRL SIKB 6000. Consequently Antea Group is extremely well placed to anticipate the specific needs of projects that involve both environmental hygiene and archeology.