Barrier management

Barrier Management

Your convenience, our expertise, your license to operate guaranteed

Safety and environmental awareness is growing in modern-day society. The government is increasingly requiring proof of your business risk management efforts, while technical and organizational measures must always be effective and functional. Are the technical and organizational measures you have taken effective and are you able to provide proof at any time that you are in control of your risks, and meet all requirements?

Measures will minimize both the risk of an incident occurring and the incident consequences.

We refer to these measures as ‘Barriers’. To prevent weak links forming, you need systematic care for your often costly measures. Insight into the status of your measures will give you a clear idea of the extent to which you are complying with legislation and regulations.

Managing your measures is often extensive, complex and time-consuming. As a result, the performance of those measures may dwindle without you knowing, meaning the risk of incidents will grow, repair costs will rise, or worse still, production will grind to a halt. Barrier Management empowers you to manage your business risks demonstrably.


Antea Group's Barrier Management service offers you the following benefits:

>  Instant insight into barrier status

>  Demonstrable compliance with current legislation and regulations

>  It will save you time and money

>  Data and information are available 24/7 and are easy to access

>  It offers an assessment framework enabling you to set priorities

>  It bolsters your business continuity

Barrier Management is a systematic approach in maintaining and improving your business risk management, guaranteeing your license to operate.