Bouw en Energie

Construction and Energy

Safe, comfortable, sustainable and energy-efficient. Public buildings, offices and industrial buildings are subject to ever more stringent requirements. This means renovation, refurbishment and new build projects require expertise on how to use sustainable materials and keep energy consumption down, as well as a keen understanding of constructions and installations, but also of legislation, regulations and finance. From the designer's first pen stroke right up to management and maintenance, Antea Group can add value to every stage in the conception and life of a building.

Sustainability - a question of doing something and sticking to it!
Sustainable construction, efficient use of energy, energy self-sufficiency - developing or redeveloping a building offers many opportunities, and requires well-considered decisions at an early stage. But how can you define your level of ambition, what will you get out of it and are there any subsidies available? Antea Group's consultants will answer these questions for you and are fully up to speed on best practices. We also translate your ambitions into construction methods, materials, constructions and installations.

From management and maintenance to asset management
Buildings have a considerable financial value and are the pillars underlying the primary process at both government bodies and companies. You want to manage these assets as well as possible, to guarantee continuity and safety, but also to get the most out of your time, money and energy. This requires smart, well thought-out decisions. Antea Group provides the specialists, expertise and IT support you need to manage your physical assets across the board, from design to maintenance, at operational or strategic level and for both companies and government bodies. This results in sustainable management strategies, maintenance scenarios and tailored plans that often help prolong buildings' economic and technical life span.

Modern construction contracts
Collaboration with different parties requires clear agreements on matters such as scope, financial compensation, turnaround time and administrative terms and conditions to be laid down in a contract. There are many different possible types of contract, each giving the parties different responsibilities and rights. Antea Group selects the type of contract that is right for you and ensures it meets your needs.


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