Sustainability - a question of doing something and sticking to it!

Creating the world of tomorrow. It is a job that affects us all. Together we can ensure a future-proof world. Investigating all sustainable options and choosing an integrated approach will help to create 'sustainable' designs.

Many parties are already working on sustainability. Each of them makes a contribution from their own area of responsibility. It is also clear that sustainability is becoming less optional. We can no longer avoid it or no longer wish to, and are facing more and more legal constraints.

Sustainability makes sense. At the same time it is a great challenge, since what does sustainability mean for the built environment? Which sustainable options are available, desirable and feasible? What approach should you take and how can you put it into practice? These are questions that preoccupy many customers.

The achievement of a good balance between Profit, People and Planet plays a central role in this. A practical application and perseverance, that is what we are focusing on. Because we really need to embrace sustainability!

Examples of customer questions:

  • How do we make our premises sustainable?
  • CO2 neutral and cradle-to-cradle; are these principles feasible and affordable?
  • We want to be 'sustainable'; what is the best approach?
  • How can we get a BREEAM certificate?
  • Can we do it ourselves?
  • How do we put it into practice and how do we maintain it?
  • What steps does the process of implementation involve?
  • What will sustainable solutions do for us in terms of resources/€?