Noise and air quality

The end result matters!

You need an answer to a problem involving noise and air quality. You are not looking for any old solution, but the best solution. Antea Group is the right place for you. Why? In the opinion of our thirty noise and air specialists, the most obvious solution is not necessarily always the best one. That is our aim: to find the best and most useful solution to your problem.

Our strength lies in our broad expertise, combined with the skill of our specialists. We also speak your language; we will not confuse you with technical terms or ‘bamboozle’ you with figures. We brainstorm with you and give you advice that will really help. The end result matters!

Our specialists
’How can we create maximum added value for our clients, with the minimum (financial) outlay?’ our specialists ask themselves every day. They have an ear for the technical aspects of noise and air quality, and an eye for the legal and policy aspects. They draw on the broad expertise that Antea Group has acquired over the last fifty years as well as, of course, their knowledge of the real world. That saves you a lot of trouble.

Our clients, from government bodies and commerce alike, dare to invest in quality. They do this because in their experience this kind of investment pays dividends sooner or later and, at the end of the project, they have recommendations which they can use to real advantage.

Contracts undertaken by Antea Group are extremely diverse in terms of complexity and scope. Our core activities include:

  • the performance of acoustic surveys in relation to industrial, railroad and highway noise (measurement, modeling and calculations);
  • the generation of noise and air quality maps and creation of action plans;
  • the performance of (facade) noise abatement surveys;
  • the writing of noise policies;
  • the performance of air quality surveys;
  • the performance of nitrogen deposition surveys;
  • solution-based recommendations and mediation.

With a broad, creative look at your situation and a sympathetic ear for your arguments, we invariably end up with a useful plan and the best advice. It goes without saying that our solutions are sustainable.