Process optimization and environmental strategy

Save, optimize and reduce. Whether it is water and energy consumption, CO2 emissions or waste streams; your business has much to gain. Specialists at Antea Group prepare you for growth, in sympathy with the environment.  

We have been able to achieve savings of between 10 and 25% in the food, pharmaceutical and chemical industries. Savings of €200,000 to €400,000 per annum, without exception. Such savings are there for you too. Together with our industrial specialists, we can optimize processes and/or utilities in one or more environmental aspects, with an eye on the cost impact:

We coach TPM teams who want to reduce energy consumption. We draw up energy balances, conduct energy usage surveys and develop a practical energy savings plan (ESP). This can be used to create your own Carbon Footprint. Underlying energy monitoring systems (EMS) allow you to report on current data trends.

(Waste) water
Our specialists can help you perform a water usage survey, a water balance or a complete Water Footprint, or optimize your waste water treatment plant. Reduce water consumption and identify where you can make savings.

Waste reduction/minimization of product loss
A product balance identifies waste and excess products in your production process. How can you avoid these altogether, or recycle raw materials, semi-finished goods and waste? Our specialists will identify the options.

Improvement of Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE)
How effective is your production process in terms of production times, quality of output and production speed? By how much does a 1% improvement in OEE reduce costs? We identify your losses and recommend how you can reduce and/or avoid losses related to faults, conversions, maintenance, speed and quality.

Our tools
We have developed a range of tools that enable you to implement effective cost saving measures and optimize your processes. For example there is the Eco Efficiency Assessment, which helps you convert your energy, water, waste and raw material consumption into a practical and sustainable strategy in line with the commercial goals of the business.

Intelligent software applications such as iEHS, Oranjewet and Energy Monitoring Systems can be used to identify trends in your business and operational processes, and help you remain in compliance with applicable laws and regulations. In short you can see where you are, act appropriately and justify why you did this.