Soil Consultancy and Analysis

A reliable partner for all your soil analyses

New builds or excavation, environmental liability transfer, setting up business or industrial operations. There are many different situations where you may need an analysis of the soil under your feet. Not only to gain insight into a site's suitability for the intended purpose, but also to map and manage soil-related liability at an early stage. The Antea Group Consultancy and Engineering Firm is a nationally recognized environmental soil analysis provider. Our strength? Extensive local expertise, transparent and cost-effective solutions. You can turn to us for all services relating to soil consultancy.


For further information:

Region North:
Aad Kant
Phone: +31 6 51 49 33 96

Region East:
Arjan Bakker
Phone: +31 6 10 91 90 67

Region Middle:
Léon Verhoeven
Phone: +31 6 20 49 78 69

Region West:
Jack van der Voort
Phone: +31 6 20 01 81 33

Region South:
Robert Zuurbier
Phone: +31 6 53 93 56 83