Excavation & Soil Quality Decree

On July 1, 2008, the Soil Quality Decree governing the use and storage of building materials, excavated soil, and dredging spoil in the soil came into effect. This decree is intended to prevent soil (including groundwater) and surface water from being polluted by the use of building materials, excavated soil, or dredging spoil. It also offers municipalities and other competent authorities room to tailor their soil policy to local circumstances. Antea Group played a key role in helping a large number of municipalities design their area-specific soil policy. The expertise we gained enables us to provide you with the best possible support for all your excavation issues.

Batch Inspections
Antea Group is a nationally recognized party for inspections of batches of excavated soil and building materials (BRL1000, VKB-1001 and 1002). Please contact us for an estimate, no strings attached.