Soil protection

Total solution - Antea Group takes the worry off your hands

Business activities that pose a potential hazard to soil quality require specific prevention. Antea Group offers total solutions in the field of soil protection. From initiative through to management and maintenance, with Antea Group you are assured of a systematic, expert and cost-efficient approach.

Whilst we can supply a total package, we can also provide equally good support in one or more of the sub-elements. Customization, sustainability and quality are central factors in our solutions. We can assist you with:

Twenty years' experience
With Antea Group as your partner you will gain over twenty years of experience.  We work for the likes of local authorities, collaborations, waste treatment companies, oil companies such as Shell, BP and Esso and industry parties, for example NAM, AkzoNobel, SABIC and DSM.

Contact information:
Aad Kant
T: +31 (0)513 - 63 43 15

Herman-Jan Kuyper
T: +31 (0)162 - 48 72 54