Civic amenity sites

Civic amenity sites

Antea Group helps clients from preparation through to aftercare.

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European regulations and the Soil Protection (Dumping) Decree impose stringent criteria on civic amenity sites in operation on or after 1 March 1995. One of the permit requirements is a liquid-proof upper and lower seal.

An aftercare fund must also be established for continued management once the waste disposal activities have ceased. From location study to aftercare: Antea Group has in-house knowledge for the design and management of (sealed) waste disposal sites.

Total support
Antea Group helps clients from preparation through to aftercare. We give due consideration to innovative solutions, for example a leak detection system.
This structure consists of a single layer of HDPE foil (without the mineral layer), which is monitored by a detection system. The system accurately pinpoints leaks and simplifies repair.

Our service:


  • Location study, feasibility study, spatial planning quick scan, preliminary design and permits;
  • Permits, including underlying surveys of soil (soil-related, geohydrological, geotechnical and quality), noise, odor, particulates, archeology, landscaping, external safety and EIA;
  • Investigation into the re-use of defunct civic amenity sites, including a survey of the quality of waste materials (e.g. asbestos, landfill gas), soil and groundwater quality and the formulation of decontamination plans.


  • Design and consultation on upper and lower seal structures;
  • Design and consultation on leachate collection systems;
  • Site layout and logistics, including weighbridges, service areas, offices, etc.
  • Preparation of specifications and tender procedure;


  • Management and daily supervision;
  • Consultancy during implementation;
  • Interim checks and delivery validation;
  • Documentation and document revision.


  • Formulation of aftercare plans using target capital calculations;
  • Monitoring (e.g. groundwater, subsidence, leachate/waste water);
  • Inspection of environmental engineering facilities;
  • Technical management and maintenance;
  • Monitoring of 'Sealed certificate' for civic amenity sites.