Business Lines:

Highways, waterways, railroads and subterranean networks; they are the veins of our nation and are essential to quality of life, accessibility and economic growth. Antea Group uses its expertise in maintaining and improving this precious network, with due regard for people and the environment.   
A considerable task. Laws and regulations, environmental considerations and spatial planning, as well as communications with the surrounding area; infrastructure is much more than simply connecting two points using asphalt, rails or cables. 

Site-specific development
Infrastructure projects demand a site-specific approach. This requires a broader focus than the access road or railroad tunnel alone. The question is always 'how can a project reinforce its environment?' Solutions that require technological, content and process expertise, as well as due regard for all interested parties. 

Existing facilities
Over the next few years, infrastructure managers will have to go all out to maintain and get the best out of the capacity, safety and accessibility of existing facilities. This will require vision and well thought-out decisions. Antea Group can offer support in terms of management and maintenance plans, asset management and current and applicable data. 

Detail and process
Antea Group is engaged in infrastructural projects that range from the straightforward to the complex. Antea Group designs, facilitates and implements. Whether it involves integrated contracts, the application of Systems Engineering or the streamlining of complex processes, as a multidisciplinary firm we have all the internal expertise required to provide solutions that are both effective and sustainable.