Governments and companies are increasingly using ‘modern’ tender procedures. As the commissioning party they set the overall framework, leaving the details of the solution to the market. While this provides scope for innovation, it brings with it new roles and responsibilities. What is actually required, what is the most appropriate contract type and what is the best balance between price, time and quality? Antea Group has the answer.

DBFM, an alliance contract or a traditional RAW specification; a party can be contracted to realize a project in different ways. But which is the best option for you? We can help you draw up a ‘procurement case’. This involves us reviewing the scope of work and devising the most appropriate form of collaboration, management and control.

It is all about people
In our experience, modern contract types involve more than revised terms and conditions; they involve a new way of thinking, acting and collaborating. In other words, it is all about people. We identify several roles within a project organization. Each role has its own focus within the whole. The nature and extent of the project, together with the planning phase, have a strong influence on the project organization's scope.

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