Contract Formation and System-Based Contract Management

Business Lines:

Integrated contracts involve handing over the design process. This gives clients the feeling that they no longer have control over the quality aspects. We use Systems Engineering (SE) to help overcome this issue. Systems Engineering is a way of working where the design process can be controlled and managed in an explicit and process-based way. This approach allows the client to control the design process in an explicit and process-based way. We base integrated contracts on the UAV-gc (Dutch uniform administrative conditions for integrated contracts).

Management includes all activities aimed at realizing the project objectives. Of course, while the contract serves as the guide in this, the dynamics of implementation also require a situational, decisive and pragmatic approach. Our consultants can help you in this respect. In the spirit of modern contract forms, testing and acceptance are handled based on the UAV-gc, using system-oriented contract management. The client decides in advance the degree of influence and involvement in the design and execution. The actual performance of the contractor, as well as any changes introduced at the instigation of the client during the process, are an important measure of the ultimate degree of involvement.