Contract Selector

Business Lines:

In recent years there has been a distinct shift in government from implementor to director. The government's role as an organization that does almost everything itself has given way to its role as a party that works as a professional outsourcer. Of course, this shift also impacts on responsibilities and risks.

The rules for the market approach are also important and, once an agreement has been signed with a contractor, a quality test will need to be performed in order to ascertain that the end product meets your needs and requirements. No sinecure.

In order to reduce risks as far as possible and establish clear responsibilities, it is important to choose the right type of contract and tender. But which one should you choose: traditional, building team, Design & Construct (& Maintain), Turn Key/PPS, General Contracting of Build, Operate or Finance & Transfer?

Antea Group has developed a methodology for helping public and private-sector clients choose the right contract and the best way of putting projects out to tender: the Contract Selector. The methodology provides an understanding of projects and processes and has been applied successfully many times.

When you put a project out to tender, you are faced with basic questions such as the following:

  • What is the most suitable type of contract and tender for my project/program?
  • What opportunities and risks does the project/program present, and what is the best way to manage them?
  • Is my organization equipped to work with innovative types of contract?
  • How do I go about convincing my organization that a particular type of contract and tender is the right choice for this project/program?
  • Our Contract Selector helps you make the right decisions and is a valuable tool in answering the above questions.