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How do I lay the foundations for a successful project?

  • In legal and administrative terms
    The contract sets out the framework within which the project will be performed, i.e. the details of the contract type.
  • In financial and economic terms
    The contract covers aspects such as incentives, payment arrangements and the tender procedure itself.
  • In technical content terms
    The contract specifies the (quality) criteria, preconditions and process requirements which the product must satisfy.

One language
We base integrated contracts on the UAV-gc (Dutch uniform administrative conditions for integrated contracts) and use a single methodology for tender specifications: Systems Engineering. Systems Engineering is a way of working where the design process can be controlled and managed in an explicit and process-based way.

Tender file
With an integrated type of contract it is essential that the tender file is comprehensive, clear and of high quality. As the precursor to the integrated contract that follows tendering and award, a tender file contains several documents, as illustrated in the figure below. We distinguish between documents for 'internal' use by the client, documents intended for the tender procedure and contract documents used in drawing up the tender.