Highway infrastructure

The development of new and existing highway infrastructure presents huge challenges. Rapid and sustainable solutions are needed in response to the numerous infrastructural bottlenecks our country faces. At the same time, changing funding and the spatial integration of highways demands an innovative planning approach. Antea Group operates in this dynamic arena as the 'linking pin' between technology, content and process.

Better and faster. This will be the driving goal in the years ahead when it comes to developing 'new asphalt'. Significant profits are there for the taking through the early involvement of the environment and stakeholders, reduction of the survey burden and setting of clear budgetary constraints. Quality, safety and sustainability, however, must not suffer as a result of this accelerated turnaround. Antea Group adds value in this complex arena by providing sound and intelligent solutions in the preliminary planning phase.

Worth an investment
There is a tendency for more and more major infrastructure projects to be financed by private parties. This results in a 'third party' with additional requirements for the design of highways. Assurances of optimum availability also tend to play a more central role. This requires precise life cycle management, and management and maintenance plans. Antea Group is more experienced than any other at converting the needs and interests of the public and private sectors into asphalt that is worth the investment.

Development with due regard for the environment
New asphalt provides opportunities for living, working, nature and leisure. From this perspective a design not only needs to be functional, it must also be socially responsible. This entails consideration of multiple-use spaces, the inclusion of mitigating measures for nature and, above all, actively including the environment at the planning stage. Antea Group's team of specialists develops solutions where the link between content, process and technology creates interdependence and support.