Project and Contract Management

Infrastructure projects are becoming ever more complex, not only in terms of the technology involved, but also the roles and responsibilities. This calls for solid project and contract management. Antea Group's project and contract managers organize and coordinate all the activities required to complete projects within the agreed scope. We do this for national and local governments, as well as for companies in the industrial and civil sectors.

Our project and contract managers link technical expertise to the political and administrative context of a project. They boast unrivaled understanding of how to run multidisciplinary teams, how to align parties and interests, and how to ensure efficient processes. Early anticipation, open communication, and expert management enable them to make the most of any project.  

Solid Foundations
Managing projects requires effective performance and agreement monitoring. That starts with a sound project plan, clearly stipulating the project goals, the process, and the roles and responsibilities of all persons involved. To ensure optimum management of the project, we base ourselves on what are known as the MOQIT factors (Money, Organization, Quality, Information, and Time). This will help you minimize (financial) risk, provide for seamless embedding into the organization, and boost commitment among employees and management.

Broad Deployment
Our team of professionals can be deployed for all project phases, from preparation to realization, and in any composition required for maximum effectiveness, from full project management to support for specific components such as planning management, data management, or risk management.