Beheer en Data

Management and Data

With Management & Data Antea Group combines management advice with state-of-the-art solutions for acquiring, organizing and enabling access to data and geo-information efficiently. Management & Data is the number one market player in public space management. We use sound advice, our eye for ambition and policy, and powerful management software in combination with reliable data to lay the foundations for sustainable quality in the world in which we live, work and play.

Public Space Management
At a time of shrinking budgets, city authorities and other organizations are challenged with ensuring that public spaces remain safe and secure. This is a task that necessitates a fresh look at management.

Spatial information and its capture
Up-to-date, reliable information: key to businesses, organizations and professionals who work on the design, realization and management of their assets, whether it involves buildings, public spaces or business parks, over ground or underground.

We have incorporated years of management knowledge and experience in our GBI software, designed to provide optimum assistance in the management of public spaces. The use of apps keeps our software flexible and user-friendly. We are the market leader in the Netherlands for good reason.

Asset management
The demands placed upon owners of infrastructure, buildings, industrial complexes and civil structures are becoming increasingly complex. This no longer involves only the technical maintenance of individual assets, but also proactive management of the performance of the whole range, throughout the entire life cycle.