We have incorporated years of management knowledge and experience in our GBI software, designed to provide optimum assistance in the management of public spaces. The use of Apps keeps our software flexible and user-friendly. We are the market leader in the Netherlands for good reason.

Optimum support of the overall management process using apps
GBI consists of a large collection of Apps. A specific, individual app is available for each management task, whether this involves drawing up a management plan, specification or budget. Each App retrieves up-to-date (object) data from a secure database and combines this with validated data from the knowledge base on, for example, prices and packages of measures. This ensures that the results are reliable and substantiated. It is as simple as that.

Up-to-date information for everyone
The management data is made available from a secure environment (the GBI database) to management organizations, residents and chain partners. The information can be browsed using a simple tool. This also applies to data from other back offices, for example GBA (municipal personal records database), WOZ (immovable property valuation) and zoning plans.

Customize using Addons
Big data - more data is becoming available all the time. The end is not yet in sight, since rapid technological advances are making the capture of data even more straightforward. GBI can therefore be enriched easily with data from third parties through Addons, for example with geo-data or KLIC information. The data presentation options can also be enhanced, for example with 3D or Globespotter.