Public Space Management

At a time of shrinking budgets, city authorities and other organizations are challenged with ensuring that public spaces remain safe and secure. This is a task that necessitates a fresh look at management. Occasional investment decisions require professional and integral maintenance and management using (real-time) data increasingly more often.

Antea Group is the market leader when it comes to management software for public spaces. From this central position, Antea Group advises more than 170 local authorities in the Netherlands in the management of public spaces.

Consultancy on management and ambition
Local authorities are facing a complex task in the years ahead. Cut-backs, mergers and a different way of working with people and business are all making transparency become more and more important. A clear overview of the associated ambition and budget, and the impact (risks) of these things on public spaces must be maintained. Antea Group can provide consultancy services in relation to writing quality plans, framework policies and zero-based budgets.

An integrated approach
The translation of management ambitions and budgets into the practical management of public spaces demands an integrated approach, across all sectors, with a focus on the entire life cycle and in collaboration with people and business. A complex task. What does it involve? What can be done in-house, and what should be outsourced?

Technical and operational management
Professional specialists are the perfect people to translate objectives into concrete technical actions, plans and contracts. We are ready to help you with such specialist knowledge, whether it involves surveys, inspections, sector-based management plans, management calendars or sector-based budgets.

GBI software
We have incorporated years of management knowledge and experience in our GBI software, designed to provide optimum assistance in the management of public spaces. The use of apps keeps our software flexible and user-friendly. We are the market leader in the Netherlands for good reason. Read more about GBI.