Sound experience of management

How can you better monitor and control costs and risks? What are the social impacts of the proposed measures? How do you involve residents and businesses in the management task? How can you promote safety and sustainability? How do you incorporate this within solid plans and a smart contract? These are management questions to which we can provide a more than satisfactory answer.

World of management
An effective integrated approach requires proper organization of the sectors, tasks and processes involved. Antea Group has presented this world of management in a blue hexagon. Fixed, logical steps - ambition, plan, contract, monitor, measure and review - are used to determine the integrated contribution of each area of work.

The manager is responsible for cooperation, ensuring that all assets are managed in accordance with specified objectives over the entire life cycle.

It is apparent that managers must increasingly satisfy the goals and interests of directors. Working in accordance with the blue hexagon creates transparency as to how management contributes to this and which risks and costs are borne by the manager.