NFPA 25 Inspection Testing Maintenance Management Solution

NFPA 25 Inspection Testing Maintenance Management Solution

Fire protection systems’ effectiveness and reliability continue to improve due to new technologies and the vast amount of data available. However, a system is only as effective as the ITM (Inspection, Testing and Maintenance) program that is used to keep it running once it is put in service.

Business Lines:

Antea Group has developed a fully functional Inspection, Testing and Maintenance solution for fire protection systems in oil refineries, tank storage terminals, chemical plants, energy plants, gas plants, etc. The NFPA 25 ITM solution is powered by iEHS®, Antea Group’s robust, configurable, and flexible compliance management system for corporate EHS. 

Together with our clients, Antea Group has developed an NFPA 25 ITM solution to help you manage three major aspects of compliance management—EHS, legal obligations, and business risk.

Environment, Health & Safety considerations

Fire protection installations are in place to protect people and the environment from the damaging effects of fire. They need to be functional at all times. Your fire protection installations can be relied upon when our solution is in place.

Legal requirements

Are you aware of your legal requirements and responsibilities concerning fire protection installations? The fact that the local AHJ may not actively participate in the ITM program for a given facility does not alleviate the facility owner from their responsibility to make sure their systems are in working order by following the requirements of NFPA 25 or any other given ITM code.

Business contingencies

Do your fire protection installations play a vital role in your business contingency plan? An unexpected event like a fire has the potential to affect the financial position, brand image, or market share of an enterprise. When fire protection installations are part of your risk management, you want them to be in top condition.

Fire Protection installations
All installations mentioned in the NFPA 11 and NFPA 25 can be monitored with our ITM solution. Other installations can easily be added, such as fire detection, alarming, gas detection, fire extinguishers, and more. Because service suppliers can get easy access to our apps, they are able to input their inspection, testing, and maintenance data directly in the database. This prevents a lot of paperwork for you to be processed. 

Data entry through mobile devices
Another strength of iEHS® is the ability to add data and access system information with easy-to-use applications available on mobile devices such as tablets or smartphones. This allows users to complete inspections or quickly access design specifications while they are in the field or onsite. All mobile applications are configurable and can be customized to suit your project needs.

Reporting information

iEHS® utilizes the power of business intelligence software to create reports and dashboards that provide the user with real-time information about progress, compliance, and more. These reports organize and visualize all available and relevant data, creating a clear overview that emphasizes and accentuates key indicators, making it easier to monitor and manage your NFPA 25 ITM program.

A scalable solution

The NFPA 25 solution is scalable and allows maximal flexibility in your organization. The solution can be utilized by your service suppliers, ensuring direct information input and instant status output for all your fire protection installations. NFPA 25 Inspection forms are available, and can be quickly customized to your needs.

New developments

As smart devices and internet of things are evolving. Antea Group is thinking about how to incorporate these technologies into our services and solutions to work more safely and do more with less.

We have developed apps that use Augmented Reality for ITM purposes, making it possible to inspect fire protection equipment using smart glasses. 
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