OWMonit: Always access to latest tracking data

The modern world is fueled by data and the world is becoming increasingly dynamic, so there is a growing need for real-time data. Antea Group has developed OWMonit© - a smart system for online, real-time data tracking, provision and visualization. From groundwater to cracks and subsidence, from wind speed and direction to temperature -the applications know no bounds.

Business Lines:

How does OWMonit© work?

OWMonit© is a system for online data tracking, logging, management and visualization. Data loggers come equipped with a wireless GSM transmitter and use sensors to detect changes. The tracking data is automatically submitted and stored in a database.
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Online monitoring of hydraulic head of groundwater
Active monitoring of the groundwater level is necessary in order to be able to respond quickly. Groundwater monitoring and management are playing an increasingly important role in the execution of projects such as soil decontamination and dewatering.
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Examples of real-time monitoring with OWMonit©
Changes to the groundwater level can cause groundwater contamination to spread further, so this system is perfect for use in both short and long-term environmental groundwater monitoring projects.
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If you are interested in how OWMonit© can support you in this field, please get in touch with us.

The benefits of real-time monitoring:

  • Quicker and more accurate insight into environmental and civil engineering changes.
  • Quick response to changes to prevent damage.
  • Fully automated online monitoring system.
  • Anytime access to up-to-date tracking data.
  • Risk-based monitoring.