Examples of real-time monitoring

Examples of real-time monitoring

Business Lines:

Monitoring groundwater contamination
Changes to the groundwater level can cause groundwater contamination to spread further, so this system is perfect for use in both short and long-term environmental groundwater monitoring projects.

OWMonit can also be used to provide immediate insight into the spreading of the contamination when the groundwater level needs to be temporarily lowered to accommodate activities near a site where the groundwater is contaminated.

Monitoring dewatering
The groundwater level is often temporarily lowered on construction sites and for sewerage works which can cause buildings to subside and planted areas to dry out, thus damaging the immediate surroundings. Authorities issuing permits therefore set restrictions on the maximum drainage allowed. OWMonit© lets you monitor the groundwater level reduction in real time.
However, it also works in the opposite situation. If minimum drainage is required in order to perform activities and prevent damage to new buildings, real-time insight into the groundwater level is needed. Where an incident disrupts the drainage, the alarm system sends an email or text message right away, enabling immediate action.

Monitoring groundwater-related level management
Numerous water boards are switching from traditional level management to integrated water management. The surface water level is controlled using the measured and required groundwater levels. OWMonit© makes it possible to align level management with groundwater levels on a daily basis.

Vibration monitoring for civil engineering
Passing cars and trains, but also tamping work and pile driving, generate vibrations in the ground. This can cause nuisance and damage to foundations, floors and walls of buildings. OWMonit© tracks vibration and subsidence. Based on this tracking data, measures can be taken for speed limits, road construction and ground load.

Wind speed and wind direction
Wind is a source of energy that does not always provide the same amount of energy to power wind pumps or wind turbines. Wind force, direction and duration vary. It is far from easy to make accurate predictions of when and how hard the wind will be blowing at a specific location. OWMonit© now makes it possible to do just that, accurately mapping wind speeds in local areas.

Monitoring thermal energy storage
Thermal energy storage is a sustainable technology for heating buildings in winter and cooling them in summer. This system's efficiency depends on things such as the difference in groundwater temperature. OWMonit© enables you to monitor groundwater temperatures on a daily basis and make adjustments where necessary.

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