How does OWMonit work?

How does OWMonit work?

OWMonit© is a system for online data tracking, logging, management and visualization. Data loggers come equipped with a wireless GSM transmitter and use sensors to detect changes. The tracking data is automatically submitted and stored in a database.

Business Lines:

Customers can be given online access to OWMonit© through a login account. Data can be viewed in a chart, graph or map on a PC or tablet.

Limit values can be preset. If the tracking data exceeds or falls below one of the limit values, an email or text message is sent right away, thus enabling you to take measures in good time.

OWMonit© is currently used in environmental and civil engineering. This new technology lets users track groundwater levels, soil contamination, ambient noise, air quality, meteorological parameters, vibration or subsidence in real time. OWMonit© is also used to assess the effectiveness of geothermal energy systems.

If you are interested in how OWMonit© can support you in this field, please get in touch with us.