Smart Cities and Communities

Smart Cities and Communities

new technology – a smarter city

As a result of increasing urbanization around the globe, Society is facing new challenges, including how to keep our cities efficient, safe, and livable. Smart people and smart technological advancements can help us find solutions to these challenges, and make our cities more attractive, more sustainable, and better places to live. This will have a major impact on the way we live, work and organize our society.

Smart Cities unites the fields of data technology, mobility, urban planning, safety and security, infrastructure, and the environment. Antea Group's consultants and engineers know what it takes to make cities smarter. We bring together community and industry stakeholders, sharing current knowledge in urban planning and sustainability. Antea Group's Smart Cities provides integrated solutions that make cities healthy and vibrant.

The people at Antea Group carefully consider the various social challenges. New technologies and sensors provide a means of gathering data. Antea Group uses cutting edge technology to combine that data in ways that lend solutions to urban issues in a completely different dimension, one that would not have emerged under conventional evaluation.   
Our engineers and consultants use their knowledge and ingenuity to develop smart solutions in four fields: 

It all starts with data and collaboration

Accessible data and collaboration between all stakeholders, both private and public, are at the foundation of Smart Cities, and form the building blocks for smart investment, sound decisions, and cost savings. Here are a few examples of achieving this: 

  • Get more out of sustainable energy by using smart approaches in matching supply to demand, and vice versa.
  • Prevent heavy road congestion by using data to manage traffic flows more effectively.
  • Use new information technology to make residential areas and industrial parks more secure.

The bottom line is stakeholders need to collaborate, use reliable data, use mobile devices, and research new techniques and technologies. Antea Group provides methods and technology which bring new solutions within reach for our cities. Solutions that make cities a pleasant place to live and work, both today and in the future.