Smart Governance

Smart Governance

Advancements in data technology and ICT (Information and Communication Technology) are contributing to rapid change in our society. Public services need to adapt to these changes in order to keep pace. Smart Governance applies new technology to civic administration and organization in innovative ways, while taking into account public service stakeholders. Antea Group helps you turn Smart Governance principles into concrete projects and activities.


Our consultants' work is based on three pillars: effectiveness, efficiency, and ensuring the right impact on urban developments, stakeholders, and the internal organization. We develop and improve work processes, facilitate the vision-forming process, and pave the way for collaboration. Gaining the support of local stakeholders is essential - a single vision needs to emerge from a wide range of interests, with civic participation playing an important role. We make connections with the right parties to get the answers to the central question of Smart Governance:

What will Smart Governance require of me and my organization in the future, and what can I do tomorrow to get my organization prepared? 
In addition, Antea Group considers these questions as well:

  • How do I arrange my organization so it is ready to face a data and ICT-dominated future?
  • How do I set up a data-driven organization, and to what extent is our organization already data-driven?
  • How do my collaborating partners fit into the picture? What can we do to move seamlessly with these developments together?
  • What factors will increase the chance of pilot projects succeeding?
  • How can I use new and existing data and ICT to guide my policy objectives and those around me?
  • How can my organization, as a government organization, quickly and flexibly respond to both desirable and undesirable changes in a society that is changing ever faster in terms of ICT and other developments?
  • How do I organize civic participation and stakeholder management using new smart digital technology, like gaming, 3D tools, social media, etcetera?

But what about the data privacy and security? New information and communication technologies offer opportunities, but also present risks to both public and private organizations. Smart Governance is all about effectively using and embedding these new technologies in and between organizations, administrative processes, and local processes. By applying technology and putting data to effective use, organizations can intelligently respond to today’s developments, and those of tomorrow too. At the same time, new technology and data raises concerns about security, privacy, flexibility, speed, and management. 

If you would like to find out more about the added value we can offer your organization or project, one of our consultants would be happy to help you.