Zelfrijdende vrachtauto

Autonomous vehicles

The development of autonomous vehicles, both commercial and private, is in full swing. Although it is only a matter of time before we will be getting around fully automatically, it remains to be seen when this will happen and exactly what it will be like.

Autonomous vehicle development is rapidly advancing, and will have a major impact on the mobility system (i.e. traffic and transportation) in particular, and on public spaces in general. Antea Group is focusing on the effects this will have on organizations operating in the mobility system or public spaces (in its wider meaning of civic and private sector spaces) and on people (i.e. the human factor).
Not only do we consider the future scenario in which autonomous fleets will be the norm, we also look at the transitional years ahead during which traditional and autonomous vehicles will be sharing the road. It’s precisely this mix of traditional vehicles and increasingly autonomous vehicles that will set the scene on our roads and in our public places for the years to come.

Our services:

  • Translating program level developments (national for example) into regional or municipal policy
  • Participant at Connecting Mobility's Effects and Behavior roundtables
  • Effect studies