Achieving ambitions

Hockey is a sport where the game is affected heavily by the field. This is why such high requirements are specified for the playing field. In addition to suitable playing characteristics, the field must also meet present-day standards for sustainability and quality.

Business Lines:

All clubs have their own particular field requirements. Antea Group Sport is unique in its ability to translate your needs and requirements into a well-balanced hockey system. From sand-impregnated, semi-sand, semi-impervious through to fully impervious synthetic grass fields, Antea Group Sport supplies fields on which all hockey players can achieve their ambitions.

Hockey has become a full-blown artificial grass sport. The ball behaves more predictably on an artificial surface and the game is faster. The arrival of artificial grass has not made the selection process any easier.

Maximum pleasure, minimum risk of injury

There are so many varieties of field to choose from. Every top surface has its own playing characteristics. But whichever system is involved, all hockey players ultimately want a field that maximizes playing pleasure while minimizing the risk of injury. Hence customization is required.

Optimum system

A good hockey field is more than just a top surface. The layer beneath this is at least as important in ensuring overall quality and good playing characteristics. Antea Group Sport has close ties with Edel Grass in the hockey market. By combining our knowledge and expertise as a system installer with Edel Grass' years of experience in the hockey market, we are able to help you at every stage of the process; from planning and delivery through to field management and maintenance. We always aim to deliver an effective, well thought-out and sustainable result.