The field game of korfball has become a full-blown artificial grass sport. However, selecting the best artificial grass is not a simple process. Every field has its own characteristics and playing qualities. How can your club make the right choice?

Business Lines:

Antea Group Sport will guide you. Not just by considering the players' requirements, but by focusing on a balance between playing qualities, operational lifespan and permeability. We also take into account operational costs and endeavor to maximize the functionality of the space concerned. This allows us to deliver a well-balanced sports system that incorporates optimum playing pleasure!

Indoor and outdoor

Ideally, players want an outdoor field with indoor characteristics. In other words the field must be smooth and flat, and players must maintain maneuverability under all conditions. The field must also meet present-day standards for sustainability and quality.

Optimum system

It goes without saying that a good korfball field is more than just a top surface. The substructure is at least as important in ensuring overall quality and good playing characteristics. As an independent system installer, we can map your needs into an optimized, well-balanced sports system.