Getting sport back into the community

How can we bring sport back to the community? This is what the government is currently working on. Until recently, the trend had been to take sport to the suburbs. This trend has now been reversed. Where previously there was a clear trend of taking sport to the city limits, the opposite now appears to be true. Sport brings people together, is good for one's health and must be accessible to all. Where better can this be achieved than in the middle of town?

Business Lines:

Multifunctional facilities

Antea Group Sport is anticipating this with its broad array of multifunctional sports facilities. Together with our partners, we can deliver public sports facilities in urban surroundings. Soccer pitches, tennis courts, basketball courts, plus table tennis tables and boules courts; we can supply them all. This gives youths an opportunity to play sport with others their own age, at any time of the day. In our opinion there is no better way of encouraging youths back into sport.

Social cohesion

Multifunctional fields not only contribute to the sports behavior of youths, they also impact on social cohesion in the community. Integration through sport has a beneficial impact on the quality of life. Youths no longer simply hang out in the neighborhood, but tend to congregate centrally at the public facilities. This results in a decline in vandalism and levels of nuisance. The community once again becomes a safe environment for young and old.

Encouraging sport

A wide target audience is reached. Organized events are run alongside the public use of the multifunctional facilities. This is possible thanks to the participation of people from the local area, something which positively encourages sport in the community.