The performance of artificial grass is undisputed. However, selecting and installing a suitable artificial grass is not a simple process. Your ideal pitch will need to be tailored to your needs. Antea Group Sport offers a wide assortment of soccer systems, enabling us to adapt the product to match your requirements.

Business Lines:

FIFA* and FIFA** pitches

FIFA, the international soccer federation, wants to take the quality of artificial grass pitches to a higher level. The FIFA Quality Concept sets harmonized international standards for this. FIFA differentiates between FIFA* and FIFA** systems:

  • In principle, FIFA* pitches are intended for recreational use. These pitches are subject to intensive use and thus also stricter requirements for sustainability (20,200-cycle Lisport test). FIFA* certification is good for 4 years.
  • In principle, FIFA** pitches are intended for top-class sport and soccer stadiums. FIFA** certification is good for 1 year.

In collaboration with its partner, Edel Grass, Antea Group Sport has had all its FIFA** and FIFA* systems tested and certified.

What makes Antea Group Sport so unique?

  • Combined peace of mind: Dutch quality standards combined with the requirements specified for FIFA Preferred Producer, Edel Grass.
  • Bundled knowledge of the entire chain: TenCate Grass (fibers and backing), Edel Grass (artificial grass production), Antea Group Sport (project management and delivery) and J&E Sports (installation and maintenance).
  • In-house R&D Center: We have all the equipment needed to develop customized products in-house.
  • Knowledge sharing Antea Group Sport continuously shares knowledge and exchanges experiences with end users.